Violeta Bulc is the founder and general manager of Vibacom d.o.o.. Her primary focus is on a long term sustainable growth of organizations (companies, NGOs, local communities) and creation of innovative management tools to ensure a value added creation on a long run.

She has many years of extensive experience, gained at home and abroad in the field of management, leadership, project management, innovation. She is locally accepted as opinion maker for telecommunications and innovative business models. Many successful projects are living prove of her originality, visionary approach and business success. She is an excellent harbinger of change with great people skills and a sense for the time and place in which the company is situated.

After a successful career at DHL Systems Inc. in Burlingame, California, she moved to a director position of Carrier and International Operations in Telekom Slovenije, d.d., the leading supplier of communication services in Slovenia. She continued as a co-founder and executive vice-president of Telemach, an alternative carrier based on cable technologies in Slovenia.

As a director of Vibacom, she found a business challenge in the development of a methodology for sustainable organic growth based on business relationships and positive team energy. For this purpose she developed the MABS methodology (Methodology for Acceleration of Business Systems), which has after two years of elaborate improvements reaped prolific business successes. She also developed a system for top management training, which enables the management to follow the newest findings and work methods in the field of management, new technologies and knowledge. Her latest achievement is E3HRM® (developed in cooperation with 2 business partners) which is a methodology for strategic HRM systems with a stress on people and their talents, knowledge and behavior. Another interesting project, a diagnostic tool for the business relationship model, is just about to be finished. She is an author of a monthly business newsletter Aktualno 1.0 with over 2000 subscribers.

As the author of the “MABS® methodology” she received a golden award for the business innovation which was given out by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia in September 2003. A year after she received a silver award for the business innovation as the so-author of a new module of the MABS methodology entitled "Segmentation methodology for business ecosystem players". She also received a bronze award for the business innovation for the “E3HRM®”, project, a methodology for successful development of HRM systems. For the same project she also received a diploma at the national level. In 2006 she received together with her partners again a silver award for a “Business Model for Evolution of Business Systems” which is primarily used as a platform for a long term sustainable growth.

She is also a recipient of the two FENIKS Awards in the field of management consulting for the Project of the year 2004 (‘’BTC Logistic center 2004’’) and the project of the year for 2006 for the development story of Steklarna Hrastnik Opal 2005-08”. The awards was given out by the Association of Management Consulting at the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia.

Most recognizable projects in the last few years (on-going relationships): BTC d.d., the largest shopping area in Europe (development story for the logistics and the shopping city – “BTC City”), Vinakoper, the most professional Slovenian vine maker (development story), Steklarna Hrastnik, the leading European glass production company, Adria Mobil, the leading European caravan and motor homes maker, the Development center of Litija (long term project for systematic development of social capital of the local community through the business means), and others.

Among her latest achievements are: firstly, the establishment of the MPI business partnership (Power of Business Innovation) in cooperation with 2 partner companies (Mediade and TV PIKA) which primary focus is a promotion of innovation culture and Slovenian way of doing business, and secondly, the establishment of an Institute for Business Growth and Creativity in cooperation with 3 experts (Andrej Bertoncel PhD, Ladeja Godina Košir and Darko Kovač) , which primary focus is creation of management tools for sustainable growth based on innovative models.

European Commission has named her a member of the group of business people that advices on the e-Europe Action and Strategic Plans for 2012 and 2020.

She is a member of the Advisory Board for the “Innovation Journalism Program” at Stanford University, a member of the Management Board of the Association for Management Consulting in Slovenia, a member of management Board of Slovenian Entrepreneurs Association, a member of the Advisory board for the Development of Local Communities at JAPTI, Slovenia Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments, a member of the Slovene Science Foundation, and a member of different conference committees.

She also cooperates with a specialist council of, an international non-profit organization for bridging the informational divides lead by Esther Dyson.

She is active as a publicist in different Slovenian media as the author of professional articles and expert opinion maker, professional publication within EU research groups and as a co-author of professional books on learning and management. She runs 3 blogs:
- on innovation: (English)
- on sustainable business growth: (Slovenian)
- on innovation journalism: (English)

In 2006 she has published her first book “Ritmi poslovne evolucije” focusing on tools and development stages of business systems with an emphasis on business as a self being.

- University of Ljubljana, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia
- MSc - Golden Gate University; San Francisco California
- PMBA - IEDC Bled, School of Management; Bled, Slovenia
- Han Eal Martial Art Academy, black belt in Tae Kwan Do & Hap Kido, San Francisco, California.

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